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Sim Hassler

Sim Hassler, Th.D. is a Baptist minister in Nashville, TN.  He is a certified ACC Coach with The International Coach Federation(ICF) and on the faculty of Coach Approach Ministries(CAM)

Sim has pastored six churches in Texas and Tennessee.  He was a hospital chaplain in the cardiac and oncology units at Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio, TX.  Sim is a speaker, author, consultant, and coach.  He loves to travel and meet people of different cultures.  He has been on five continents to Kenya, Tanzania, India, China, Argentina, Mexico, most of the 50 United States, 9 of the 10 provinces of Canada, as well as London and Paris.  Sim uses coaching to help people build on their strengths while encouraging them with his own strengths.

Sim is married to Betty Hassler, Ph.D. author of Living Between the Ditches: When God Makes No Sense

Sim Hassler’s Viewpoint:

When I was pastoring churches, I thought I could coach myself or be coached by a support group of my peers but I soon found out...


(Neither can your mate, your close friends, your family, or co-workers.) YOU need a coach who is being coached while he or she is coaching others. Coaching is a specific process requiring a trained coach for maximum results.



"Coaching requires a change in mindset about what your primary focus is in work or relationships."
-- Living Your Strengths

Sim2Coach focuses on building your life around your greatest strengths.




The Mission Statement of sim2coach is "To use the process of coaching to help persons build upon their strengths in order to move them from where they are to where they want to be."