Hear The Testimonies Print


"I have enjoyed meeting with Sim during our coaching sessions. He has a servant's heart and a sincere interest in helping others. He has helped me to identify the 'bridges and land mines' in a process I was trying to implement at my work location."



"Sim is a very professional, amiable soul who is genuinely interested in helping people discover their hidden potential. This is clearly expressed in his passion for coaching. He is a man of integrity and one who possesses a magnetic personality along with honesty, sincerity, and transparency."



"Sim has been helping me a lot with his coaching skills. His ability to ask clear questions has helped to guide me in the right direction for me. He is a good listener and has much experience working with people of many different cultures. I know Sim will help others like he has helped me. They will discover what directions they really want to take for their life and work."



"My coaching relationship with Sim has been very valuable. He listens and asks a lot of powerful questions, both of which are very important to understand what someone is struggling with and looking to overcome. The dialogue and conversation he facilitates are targeted towards how change can be achieved. I look forward to each of my coaching sessions with Sim."



"Sim is a thought-provoking coach. Through working with him, I have gained the courage to step out into the unknown. This will help me as I move across the country to a people I do not know. Sim's encouragement has helped me make this leap of faith. I am a stronger person now that I more clearly see my purpose. Sim's questions penetrate to the heart of the matter. They help me to see the next steps to take."



"As a young pastor serving my first church, I just needed someone to help me navigate the waters of ministry. Through my coaching partnership with Sim, I have found greater confidence in the passion and gifts God has given to me. Sim's process is simple, yet powerful; intentional, yet flexible. I recommend Sim to any pastor or leader who desires healthy relationships with those they are seeking to lead."



"Sim, I just wanted to let you know how blessed I have been to be coached by you. I appreciate both your compassion and your ability to hold me accountable. These coaching sessions have been exactly what I have needed to help me jump start my career. They also help me to get my life goals going in the right direction once again. Through our coaching sessions, I have learned more about myself and my abilities. You have helped me to see more clearly exactly what I need to do in order to take some positive steps forward in many areas of my life and work. Thanks again for your professionalism and kindness."



"I have entered the coaching process to create a climate of coaching in the church where I serve as Senior Pastor. I have learned that a huge part of learning the process of coaching is being coached yourself. Sim, I am grateful for you and your ministry of Christ-centered coaching. I am enjoying identifying long-term goals and the actions to take now to lay the groundwork for their success."



"Over the last couple of years, I've been hearing about a new trend in leadership development called 'coaching.' Now I am excited to have Sim Hassler to be my coach to help me to do my job better to reach out to internationals in the Nashville area. His questions have helped give more focus and clarity to my work. I can see that I am making intentional progress more than before we began our coaching conversations. It has been so useful to have an accountability partner who helps me to discover specific actions I need to take and when I need to take them. I really look forward to our bi-monthly phone appointments. I use these sessions to bounce off ideas with an encouraging friend. This helps me greatly by keeping me from worrying about some of these matters as I see things getting done on them. Sim has also suggested resources that I am finding useful. I heartily recommend his coaching to anyone seeking direction for his or her life and work."



Coaching as a Doorway to Impacting Culture

Sim Hassler says…

Coaching provides a great doorway for faith to connect with the diversity of culture. There is a tremendous need today for such a connection in order for faith to overcome much irrelevance in modern society.

"Rather than interact meaningfully with people, rather than listen in depth to their painful experiences, evangelicals have continued to transmit ever more irrelevant messages from within their hermetically sealed environment."

-- Matthew Raley, The Diversity Culture

Increasingly, there is a worldwide plea for some measure of spiritual generosity to provide healing for a hurting world.

See Samir Selmanovic, It's Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian